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Thread: My 7 year old son had just the right remedy for this season Last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaz View Post
    If you need HOF talent in order for your system to work, then your system doesnt work.

    The reason I bring up Jim Harbaugh in every 'Next Head Coach' conversation is because he crafted a unique offensive system that supported his players strengths. Is Kaepernick a HOF QB? No. Is Gore a HOF RB? (Yes, but not a game changing one). Does SF have any HOF WRs? No. HOF TE? No. HOF OL? No.

    And yet that offense, void of HOF talent, went to 3 consecutive NFC Championship games in a Harbaughs first 3 years.

    That man is a coach.
    SF had the best team in football 2 years in a row. He lost to the Giants at home and the Ravens on a neutral field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by One_Heartbeat View Post
    Another day, another batch of faux outrage from the CEO of The Whisperer Fan Club.
    So says the pot.

    Seriously, you would just have so much more fun as a Mod on the hawks MB. You could be defending Micheal Bennett, Sheldon Richardson, Jefferson, and a few others for their exemplary display of Man of the Year Nominee virtue for the whole sporting world to see. Would be right up your alley of expertise.


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