Hey there tax masters and accountants, please tell me if the newly approved Tax Act provides continued relief in the form of tax-exempt bond "subsidies" for the owners of stadiums and arenas. Here's why it matters: Bill Bidwill may have to pony up A LOT MORE income taxes. He's not exactly a rich, deep-pocket team owner compared to Messers Kraft (NE) and Jones (DAL). Franchise (owner) cash previously protected due to tax-exempt bond "subsidies" could be treated as income and taxed by the Feds starting 2018-2019. If Bill Bidwill pays more taxes next year, that's less cash to run the franchise, fix up the UofP gym, rent nicer out-of-town hotel rooms for players, etc. That's less money for GM, staff, and coaches salaries too.

Early in December, the House version of the Tax Act continued providing stadium and arena owners a major tax benefit, essentially no-cost use of bond funds to build their stadiums and arenas that also generated millions of taxes for the cities. The Senate version of the bill did not provide the tax-exempt benefit to owners. The benefit is treated as real 'income' under the Senate's Tax Act language. What happened to the tax language last night? Did the tax-exempt bond "subsidies" for the owners of stadiums and arenas make it thru the Senate? There is nothing is in the news the morning of 20 December.