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Thread: Arizona Cardinal Coaching Candidates / Links

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    Quote Originally Posted by PUTMEIN View Post
    This story reminds me of my oldest sister who was married six times....also can't seem to pick Mr. Right. LOL.
    I know 2 Wrongs don’t make a Right, but you’d think 6 Wrongs might.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomas cat View Post
    I'm kind of like RimrockCard. I got no idea who would be best.

    Every candidate has pluses and minuses. The truth is, whoever is hired, we won't know if it was a good choice for some time.

    Our last 2 HC's turned out pretty well. Sure neither got us a SB, but both made us legitimate contenders.

    I have faith that MBSK will see that we do as well this time around.

    So whoever is chosen, I will get on the bandwagon until there is a reason to jump off
    What more can a Fan Do....
    The Big A era begins..../ends on.1/1/2018..Thanks for the memories

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    Quote Originally Posted by RimrockCard View Post
    I stay away from picking coaches these days...I thought Buddy Ryan was going be a winner in town,i thought Denny green was who i thought he was,I thought Whiz had a system that worked...always liked good ole boy Joe Bugel,even like Vince,,,,Dave..not so much........But i surely thought Bruce was the man to bring the Big biscuit to AZ ...i got no opinion on a coach..........Just pic a winner Steve and Mike

    Oh BTW...i was a huge Grimm fan............for a minute
    We haven't seen any legitimate tough guys since Bugel got the boot. He holds the patent.

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