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I'm glad you wrote this because you represent the mentality of most Cardinals fans who do NOT get it. What you fail to understand is there is no benefit by being mediocre. You are better off having a horrible record and having the opportunity to draft a top QB and other top players. It's foolish to have enough talent to keep yourselves out of contending for the best talent in the draft but not enough to get you in the playoffs. If you are going to rebuild, then you rebuild. If you are going to contend, then you are all in. The problem with the Cardinals front office is they don't do either well. We are not bad enough to draft Peyton Manning but we are not good enough to get in and contend in the playoffs. We come off an NFC champ. game and enter the next season but cutting key players and getting actually worse in the offseason (pure foolishness).

For us to truly take it to the next level, you don't keep inflated salaries like Mathieu on the roster. I don't need to find someone as good for 5 million in the short term. The idea is to cut salary and dead weight so you can contend in the future and load the roster with talented players who will contribute. Honey Badger is injury prone and his contribution has been lackluster. He hasn't been the same player and is grossly overpaid. He was given a terrible contract AFTER he injured his ACL; money that would have been better spent on Calais Campbell among others. You don't give Justin Bethel a 3 year 15 million contract when he hasn't done anything to prove himself. You don't sign TE Gresham to a lucrative contract when he hasn't done a single thing. We have overpaid for bad players and allow players that contributed to walk.
If you're gonna criticize Bethel and Gresham deals that's fine but Mathieus contract was 100% earned. That guy turned in a DPOY season after his 1st ACL injury so yes paying him after he was playing for pennies coming out of the draft (no signing bonus) so why would they be reluctant after he clearly played at an elite level the 1st time? Them not being able to pay Calais didn't have anything to do with Mathieu, it's because they added Chandler and essentially had to pick one

They brought back virtually the same team from the NFC title game aside from Rashad Johnson all the people you repeatedly complain about like Freeny's weren't playing on the roster next year because the pass rush was upgraded it was the special teams that sucked