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Thread: Fully Rebuilding Mode or????

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    Allen Robinson has missed more games than John Brown in his career and came in the same draft class. It's a pretty weak WR free agent market aside from a Jarvis Landry who probably gets tagged

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVcardsFan View Post
    Peterson, Mathieu, Golden, Jones, Bucannon, Reddick, Baker (the core) are all 28 or younger.
    Nkemdiche will still be only 23 at the start of the 2018 season. People forget how young he is. If he comes around, we have 8 of 11 starters on defense young and talented. A fantastic core. Need a young CB2 to develop but I think T Williams could go another year. He beat my expectations by far this year.

    With albeit limited research so far my number one FA is Norwell. He and Humphries could be the beginning of a young, solid Oline both in pass blocking and opening holes for DJ. Would love to see them gel through 2018. Then look at Richburg from the Giants. Both could be available as their teams have invested in other parts of their lines. Maybe Boehm can still pan out at C. Look at bringing Boone back. My gut says Veldheer stays at RT and Iupati is cut.

    At TE Seals-Jones receiving and I know people here donít like Niklas but Iíd sign him cheap as blocking TE. Otherwise there are a few in FA.

    WR isnít Sammy Watkins going to be available?

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    2018 UFA WR's from Spotrac;

    And yes Sammy Watkins is currently a UFA. As is both John and Jaron Brown.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KerryRhodes26 View Post
    I dunno, if you're considering this a "full rebuild" than you need to do things that would correlate that type of situation.

    1. Ask Larry Fitzgerald to retire. There would be no reason to be paying him 11 million dollars to play on a complete rebuild team.
    2. Trade Patrick peterson for future assets. By the time your team would be ready to be competitive, he would be on the decline.
    3. Ask honey Badger to restructure, and if he declines, then cut him.(which may happen anyways)
    4. Trade all of your assets for the next year or two to trade up for a QB.

    When a team is in "full rebuild mode" I'm looking at them not being competitive for the next 2 years at least. I think if we can get our QB of the future, we can at least be a .500 team next year and compete for a playoff spot the year after. Assuming we can get a QB that pans out.
    #5 would be refund all season ticket holders. Because there would be nothing left for the fans to enjoy.

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    cardinals I say full rebuild..

    I say full rebuild..
    I would also let honey badger go, good kid and fun guy, BUT he has lost a step, I watch and he can’t cover the pass well anymore, always a step behind receiver. That’s a fact.
    I want Baker Mayfield first round if possible, I want to draft the best QB round 1. No more washed up veterans.
    Prove me wrong though.
    We need O line.
    We need a CB.
    We need QB.
    And a WR. Someone like Fitz who can actually catch the ball and/or get open.

    Thanks and Go Cards!
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    If the Cards were picking in the top quarter of the draft, I think the strategy would be draft a QB, and go full rebuild.

    As it stands, and a lot will depend on cap space. I think there may be another way.

    Sign Alex Smith to a 2 year contract.
    Trade down in the first, if possible getting a 2019 pick, and either draft The Arkansas Centre - Ragnow, or one of two Guards Hernandez El Paso or Smith from Auburn.
    Then draft Woodside on day 2, and red shirt him.

    Cards will probably stay on the holding pattern for a couple of years. But long term, if Woodside works out it sets them up nicely to compete with the California teams.

    (I actually think Smith could be in play for Cleveland. If they pick him up, and draft Barkley at #1, I think Hue will be basking in post season glory in Jan 2019.)
    Logan Woodside is not a day three pick, he is the best QB in college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Soul View Post
    Trade down in the first, if possible getting a 2019 pick, and either draft The Arkansas Centre - Ragnow, or one of two Guards Hernandez El Paso or Smith from Auburn.
    Then draft Woodside on day 2, and red shirt him.
    Man a centre or a guard with our FIRST? Ragnow I like don't get me wrong but he isn't in the same league as someone like Billy Price who has played all across the line but will be a stud and centre. Ragnow is most like a late day 2/early day 3 guy. I think we are all agree we like Hernandez as a guard prospect, i assume he is going to the senior bowl? Will be interesting to see how he stacks against better competition. No way is Braden Smith a first round guy, again in the same bracket as Ragnow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JagNCard225 View Post
    Earlier, there were reports saying that fitz mind could be made up to play this year

    Kurt said Fitz want a veteran qb leading the team
    We are gonna have to have 3 because none are on the roster as of today. We can go 2 vets and 1 rookie

    Now the question is this. We know Fitz is done after the upcoming season. He is going to free up a lot anyway.

    Do we restructure a few contracts and cut some players to have atleast 60 mill to play with in fa. I read that we stand at 31.3 mill

    We still have the draft in which we have a 1st, 2nd and 2 3rds in the first 3 rounds

    I dont think we will fully rebuild
    We will get young where we need to but it wont be everywhere. Its gonna be a busy offseason but we arent dead y'all
    Technically we only have to rebuild the O and special teams.

    SK is a top 5 GM

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    Cross your fingers Keim can get Cousins to move to AZ or this isnt going to be good...

    Cousins - Cardinals can contend
    Rookie QB- Nope
    ALex Smith - LOL nope
    Eli Manning - Maybe on a 1 year deal

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    I think the cards are in full rebuild mode. We have no QB now need a whole new offensive line and a WR or two. The first round they need to trade up to get either Mayfield, Jackson or allen. Whatever picks are left have to take offensive linemen. In free agency focus on offensive line and a WR or two. I would also try to bring in a veteran QB so were not throwing in a rookie QB into a bad situation. 2018 will be a tough season but if they draft our QBOF we can build around him.

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