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I live in Virginia and naturally know a bunch of Redskins fans. The vast majority of them are rather pissed by this deal. Granted, many were never completely sold on Cousins, but they don't view Alex as an upgrade. Especially since he is 34 and they gave up a really good defensive player in this deal.

I wouldn't have minded Alex coming here, but not for what the Redskins gave. He is a decent QB, but not elite. He is also entering the period where skills could diminish because of age. Although, he has been fairly healthy during his career for the most part I think..

It will be interesting to see who we end up with.
I also reside in NVA and hear many WAS fans griping about the Smith trade. Losing that young CB as part of the trade stings here the most. Losing Cousins was a foregone conclusion. Synder was not in a good position w/ regard to keeping Cousins. That mess is well known. He missed out on a QBofF deal last year when Cousins seemed open to a long-term contract but the $$$ didn't impress. Now the owner and QB are getting a divorce. Smith will do okay for WAS. He's a smart vet. Gruden and Smith will mesh. WAS also is now positioned to use the future drafts to find and develop an unpolished QB, e.g., Smith's replacement in a few years.

Having WAS out of the running for a long-term QB solution now should help Keim's search for the same, either via the draft or FA, this spring. FA technically has not started. When FA does get rolling, that will be a crazy big-spender card game. I don't see ARI's GM sitting down at that poker table.