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Thread: Super Bowl ...Cardinals Vs Patriots

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLCardinalFan View Post
    Glad its over

    I want to see us get ready in all the right ways in the off season

    1. Free Agents
    2. Draft
    3. Trades
    Agreed... I love ya FLCardinlFan, but I don't agree with your first post in this thread. I'm like you a old timer. However the only team from our old division I truly hold a grudge against is the Cowboys. lol....that will never change.

    I do remember the feud that Conrad Dolbler and the Eagles Bill Bergey had back in the day.

    I've always been a underdog fan and with Bill and Tom dominating for so long, its hard to root for them. Add the alleged cheating, even harder.

    Anyhow looking forward and hoping the new regime will make me proud.

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    Foles, he was unloved and unwanted just a year ago, now he is a SB winner and MVP. Where does he play next?

    The Eagles win last night truly was a TEAM effort. All the pieces and plays came together at the right time. That game has to rank in the top 5 of all SB games.

    Congrats to all the closet Eagles fans on this board. The Lombardy Trophy was a long time coming to Eagles fans!

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