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I wouldn't lock down anyone before I needed to. Potential NFL GM's isn't a static situation. Opportunities may arise and there is no reason to limit them. KC could have extended AS and not drafted a QB. No risk it no biscuit. They may have made a mistake?

A 500 team that is out of the playoffs for 2 years and doesn't have a QB, OL or decent WR corp and a lousy cap situation after 2 years out of the playoffs is a train wreck in today's NFL.

The stadium was a heist. 75% of it was put up by Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority and the city of Glendale. Almost all NFL stadiums with a few exceptions have been a transfer of public money to team owners. There is nothing about the Stadium that makes our owner a big spender or not.

Lets see what we do in the offseason. I'm just going to say that if Shipley is our starting center for the third year in a row I would stop with SK is a top 5 GM and the Cardinals are trying to put a playoff team on the field.
Well there are our opinions and then there is the guy who hangs with Steve Keim on a daily basis, sees him work up close, chats with him in the ownerís box watching every play together on the field, and pays his hefty salary:

ďThis is about creating stability in the organization and making sure we take care of the folks who really deserve an extension, and Steve really did. You want to reward success and, back to that word, stability. You want stability in our leadership around our organization. This isnít the first time Iíve come to him early. Again, heís one of the best in the National Football League.Ē