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Thread: Don't look now but with some good decisions

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    Default Don't look now but with some good decisions

    The cardinals can be in the running for the division title. the rams are killing their front 7 and Seattle dismantling that team. I think the Cardinals see this as another chance at winning the division with a decent Qb. I am not sure who Arizona will get as their next Qb and I can't wait to see but I do believe we can win the division again. Arizona definitely will have the best defense in the division.

    I think the Cardinals will know who their next Qb is monday morning. What's going on in the nfc west tells me this will affect their decisions going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KerryRhodes26 View Post
    Yeah, it's nuts how much is changing in our division with big name players.

    I think the Rams are hoping that the offense will make up for the loss in the defense?

    Not sure what the Seahawks are doing other then making tough decisions on veteran players?

    If we can get Kirk Cousins or another reliable Qb, get a good enough Oline to protect him and another above average WR we can be competitive next year.

    Rams are clearing money ahead of the gauntlet that is about to come with Donald-Gurley-Goff up in back-to-back-to-back years.

    Seattle is dealing with the effects of roster decay, having to pay everyone their worth after their rookie deals expired, and bricking on 5 straight drafts.

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    The Rams will probably still be solid but Seattle is going backwards.

    With a good offseason, a payoff spot isn't out of the question. All I want is a competitive team and we can do that while still re-tooling.

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