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Only you think this. And other trolls. I would venture to guess that 99% of the NFL thinks Mathieu is still a good player with positional flexibility who would likely command $7M-$8M on the open market.

And only you would complain about a move that keeps Mathieu in Arizona AND could cut his 2018 cap number by more than half.
I actually value cap in 2019 more than this year, as this to me is not a year for winning a Super Bowl. Itís a year of transition to new coaches, new locker room mentality, new schemes, new QBs, retooled roster. Too much new to expect much, but plenty to build on. 2018 let a rookie QB ease into the offense. 2018 let a new, young Oline gel. 2018 let the solid young D players learn their new defense.

Then in 2019 re-evaluate and have as much cap available as possible to retool, revamp and start winning for years.

Only thing I would want them to free up money for this year is young Oline studs.