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Thread: Article: John Brown expected to sign with Ravens

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    Default Article: John Brown expected to sign with Ravens

    The Ravens are expected to sign receiver John Brown, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. The Cardinals made Brown a third-round pick in 2014, and he topped the 1,000-yard mark in 2015. He was diagnosed with the sickle-cell trait in 2016 and has had the same number of starts, fewer catches, fewer yards and fewer touchdowns the past two seasons combined than he did in 2015.

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    I don't think he will ever be healthy again to play the whole year. No big loss. Now we need to get rid of JJ also. Guy has stone hands.

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    I wish John Brown all the best. He is a special person who has had great hurdles to overcome. He lost his brother tragically, and that loss hurt him emotionally. He was bounced around colleges; got drafted by the Cardinals and was "adopted" by the Cardinals and especially by Carson Palmer and his family.

    He spent off weeks; vacations; holidays and off season work-outs LIVING with the Palmers. Carson's children love him. His smile gave me joy. His speed, grace and soft hands made me (jaded as I am) cheer. He was blessed to come to the Cardinals and that works both ways.

    It is a shame that his diagnosis with sickle cell wasn't diagnosed early in life. It's also a blessing. If it had, perhaps he would never have been allowed to participate in sports at all. It's possible he would never have gotten out of his neighborhood environment that led to his brother's death.

    Thank you John Brown for what you have given ME. A smile I'll not forget. A "mouse's" courage to confront a lion. The will to succeed in the face of defeat.

    Again, God Bless and Good Luck in the future. (Make sure to ask Carson for financial advice!!!)

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    Brown has left us with some great memories of big catches to win games.

    We need better at this point.

    C-ya Smoke, good luck on the next gig.
    Big Red fan since 1967

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