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the cards currently have no decent qb on the roster. im not a bandwagonner...been an avid fan since 1970. for years I have watched game film over and over. I wrote for one on the draft analysis websites.

Bradford-great against air but crumbles at the first sign of pressure-watch his film-not just his highlights. he is also a whiner/crybaby. injury history.

glennon-has done nothing to indicate he is anything other than mediocre...Stanton and gabbert are both better than glennon.

sk has done very little to move cards towards a superbowl other than bring in chandler jones.. carson fell into his lap-cards were set to go with Stanton as starter. dj is only a card because Detroit took Abdullah-whom sk wanted.

he has brought in several free agents on 1 year contracts and let the ones that played well walk. he has ignored the glaring need for a #2 corner. he hasn't replaced Calais. he has ignored the o-line. he gave an injured hb a huge contract making it impossible to keep him on roster. he gave Gresham a huge contract and greshams biggest contribution has been to draw stupid penalties. he traded up last year for baker-a safety-when other needs were way more important. he has drafted 1 qb when he said he believed in drafting one every year.

this year he has signed not one player(except maybe pugh if he is not on ir again) that is an improvement over what cards had. andre smith has graded out as a horrible-not just bad-tackle his entire career...4 of the 5 projected starters on ol finished season on ir last year. brice butler could be a good signing but the rest are castoffs.

how many years did he ignore glaring weaknesses on special teams?

how is the current roster going to protect the very fragile Bradford? if protected who is he gonna throw to other than larry and dj? WHO IS GONNA PLAY CORNER OPPOSITE PP? A ROOKIE? is he gonna draft 4 or 5 impact players this year including qbof? VERY UNLIKELY.

Pretty obvious why that's past tense.