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Thread: 2018 Draft Predictions Time Capsule

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belac44 View Post
    You sure changed your tune on Vita Vea.

    Not sure why, but I just donít want Ridley.
    No I havent. Im still big on Vita Vea. But I also understand youre often wrong on guys. Im not going to expect all my guys are superstars. I need to be a little pessimistic to be realistic.

    Vita Vea gets the fat man knock. He is a beast but he also has to be careful he doesnt blow up to 500 pounds

    Quote Originally Posted by RimrockCard View Post
    Every post since 2006 is here...everything
    Really? When you search your posts it only goes back 4 pages. Maybe everything is still here, but it doesnt matter if you cant access it.

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    will close this up the 24th...get you picks in...we`ll make you famous
    The Wilks era begin

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