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Thread: 2018 Draft Predictions Time Capsule

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    seeings how the board will be gone soon.. might as well open these up

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    Adios Compadres ...Its been a HOOT!

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    Baker Mayfield has some rough patches but develops into a solid QB.

    Sam Darnold plays average and gets killed by the NY media. CardinalPalmer is in the Jets forums saying it's not Darnold fault and USC Qb's are great.

    Josh Rosen takes most of the year to learn but plays the latter part of the year and looks good.

    Josh Allen is playing for the hamilton Tiger Cats.

    Barkley is beset by injuries in NY.

    Lamar Jackson is a massive failure despite what his mom says.
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    Steve Keim--just completed his best draft of his tenure. . . .

    Giving critics who opposed extending Keim's contract an abundant of crow for their fill--for the foreseeable future.

    Often in drafts, the most talented athlete will end up slipping through the fingers of potential suitors in the amazement of onlookers . . . Josh Rosen may turn out to be an obvious example. Possibly, the best natural quarterback in the draft, passing every eye-test: exceptionally accurate; a natural game-changer. Showing the rare ability (usually only seen from top NFL QBs) to lead his team from an almost impossible-comeback deficit, to a W--solely from the pocket.

    I would make the wager, Rosen will become one of the best draft selections in Cardinals' history. . . .

    I am also high on the potential of Christian Kirk, as well as, Mason Cole. This entire draft class has incredible potential; and may become the team's best in modern age. (Including the 2004 class).

    Cheers! to the team's new possibilities!

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