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    Hey everybody,

    If you have a moment, we wanted to talk about the future of the message board.

    We are moving to a new website look, with new features across the platform. One of those features is Disqus, a popular and efficient commenting system on articles that, among other things, allows for good interaction not only with the team but also with other fans. Because of this, and because so much interaction already happens across social media, we will be phasing out the message board on June 1.

    Unfortunately, this board has aged on the backend – you may have encountered difficulties at times – and it makes sense to update the way in which topics are discussed. While you will be able to sign up through Facebook or Twitter, those who do not use those outlets can sign up directly through Disqus, which would be similar to the way you signed up for this current board.

    We hope everyone will make the transition with us, and thank you for your patience.


    Darren Urban
    Senior manager, website/Senior writer,

    For those asking for how to sign up on Disqus here is the link:
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